Discover our European certified Zocon Tipping Trailers:

  • Available in variants 3T, 4.5T, 5T, 8T and 10T
  • Robust construction and fully galvanized (frame and loading platform)
  • Completely removable side boards (can also be used as a platform)
  • Modular construction, you can always add extension afterwards
  • Tippers built with high-quality components
  • Dutch made and delivered to you fully assembled / certified

All our tipping trailers are supplied with European approval (COC papers), making them suitable for public roads!

We supply our tippers with 3 possible braking systems:

  • Overrun brake with 40 km/h (Z030, Z045, Z050)
  • 2-line airbrakes
  • 2-line hydraulic brakes