From 2019, it is mandatory to have a catch crop sown on sandy and loess soils before 1 October. That is why Zocon has developed a unique machine that allows you to sow the catch crop under the maize at an early stage. This machine has been specifically designed for this purpose in close consultation with a number of contract workers, taking into account that the machine should be fast, wide and cheap, resulting in a competitive HA rate.

Zocon’s unique features:
– A high frame with a large ground clearance of 850 mm
– 5-stage adjustment of the spring pressure on the teeth elements
– A unique headland position: elements lift high above the crop,
turning without damaging the maize plants
– Well-known Zocon elements: Z300 seeder, cylinders with
transport locking, 10 mm thick weeder teeth
– A completely galvanized frame with Cat. II three-point trestle
– Protection bar for transport, only 240 cm transport width
– 4 support wheels 18 x 8.50 – 8 and 2 support legs
– Lighting

7 elements (working width 450-525 cm) € 7.400,-
9 elements (working width 600-675 cm) € 8.175,-
11 elements (working width 750-825cm) € 8.950,-
13 elements (working width 900-975cm) € 11.950,-

Seeder 300L € 3.075,-
Sensor control € 725,-
Stairs € 400,-